In order to create the extensive series (or soon to be) that is Pokemon-MD-Link I created a couple of theories that effect the Pokemon world that you see in this comic - From why the natural disasters are effecting the planet so much to Age Evolution Theories

Age Evolution Theory

I created a new theory for evolution within my comic, and shall hopefully only remain in here, but if you want to use it yourself please ask >:3
Well I will try and explain and openly analyse this theory so you may understand
and what better way to do it but in the style of FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
Be aware of this key whilst I explain because a-lot of words will be minimised

AE Theory = Age Evolution Theory,
PmdL = Pokemon MD Link (Ie: The comics name)
__~>[REboot]<~__ = The first series which covers the beginning to Sky pillar and just a tiny bit afterwards
___{\[REplay]/}___ = The second series which covers the before credits part of Mystery Dungeon 2
___:#[REwind]#:___ = A completely new spin off that takes place between REplay and REinstall, it was formulated by myself using my own mind and what had already happened bringing surprise plot twists
___(^[REinstall]^)___ = The last chapter which takes care of the After Credit story of Mystery Dungeon 2

Age Evolution Theory Explained

Question 1: So...What is the AE Theory?

The AE Theory is a secondary form of evolution which involves change within the evolution stage that you are currently based at, this is to make each character more unique and weird than the other. The AE Theory is like how humans 'grow up' but as Pokemon aren't human they can grow and change in much weirder ways, like for example: Un-Proportional body sizes.
The AE Theory starts changing exactly one day after they are born, but are not extremely drastic changes, so in a way you could say for this story every single Pokemon you see was once what you might call 'normal' for just one day, and that is the day they are born.

The AE Theory is constantly adapting within the character, almost like a path of infinite turns, it is a complex method of evolution where each change in the character is dependent on the different emotions the character may feel or the other people around the character, environment and temperature also take effect.
Another important point to mention is AE Theory is a secondary form of evolution when the character partakes in a Primary evolution (Ie - Evolving through level or item) That character loses all its AE factors and practically starts again, almost like that character has cleaned his slate or wiped all previous paths from his history (However he does not forget what he looked before or past events) Its kind of like being reincarnated without losing your age or memories but your appearance is different.

Question 2: How drastically can the AE Theory affect their 'hosts'?

It completely depends on the character and his way of feeling, it depends on everything around that character. For example:
If the character is consistently around sinister natured characters but isnt sinister himself then that character will start showing signs of sinister'ness however that will only be 'part' of him because only part of his AE is affected by people around him so it could vary from darker rings around his eyes or darker coloured hair to something as drastic as losing all life in his eyes (referred to as 'pupil-less').

Question 3: What are the normal major and some minor effects of AE?

There are an infinite effects on AE like there are infinite path ways of AE evolution To list a good few things (I will minimise the list as best I can by generalising the effects) like

Friends (Which includes there eating habits, ways of acting and nature)
Personal Nature
Personal Emotions and common neighbours emotions
Amount of light taken in per day
Amount of movement per day
Variety of clothing worn per week
Danger risk in areas visited
Food Intake
Water Intake
Amount of sleep per night
Heart beat rate per minute
Will add more as I can think of them

Question 4:...Some of us might be confused, could you give us something to compare AE to?

SURE! Lets see, I got a few things I could use to try and help. If you have any questions of course you can always pop a message in the chat area, or pm me personally ill be happy to answer any questions you might have...right anyway things to compare it to

First of all, this might sound silly, but one way you could compare the AE theory to is try to imagine every character as some kind of virtual vacuum cleaner, they suck up particles or energy from everything and everyone around them, and those different kinds of particles effect the path that particular character goes down.

The greatest way I like to imagine the AE Theory is like real life human and animal evolution, over generations they change to that area they live in, but initially they did not have the right adaptation so they couldn't survive. It is a natural way of the world, for example:
If you took a large quantity of polar bears away from the north pole and placed them some-place...say somewhere in North America where there is a-lot of woodland, realistically the polar bears would most likely all die because of drastic change. But say what if they didn't and they managed to struggle survival, over a large time of reproducing generations I would imagine that what was a species of polar bear would be something completely different, adapted to the woodland that they now reside in. This was the main basis for the AE theory, I thought what if you could take that over generation adaptability everything possesses and somehow compact it into half a normal characters life time. Except the adaptation the AE gives is not extremely specific to just the environment. Say for example a character was a great explorer who travelled from different environments frequently normally the characters adaptability would not have time to change or had been so specific to one area they had stopped in that once that character moved on it became hard. Well the AE skips that, by adapting that character to more than just his environment and does a general adaptation like, stronger legs to climb mountains and cool blood to resist heat, the possibilities are truly endless!