June 14th, 2010, 6:51 pm


PmdL | Update 12


This probably sounds so stupid when compared to other comics and the way
they go about getting pages done. But I was SORT OF keeping it daily
update. Its been 4 days now, because I am co-operating with the mighty
BlueJolteon XD (Won't hear the end of that)
It takes longer between uploads because of all the passing around...
So yea, we are going to be getting together tomorrow since we
have a day off from school and we are going to practically hammer home
these pages so that we can get up to speed.
I won't be going by what I did before, I may have 5 pages all scanned and fully prepared for upload, but I am going to try and stick to daily upload
so one page a day...

However we can only get a certain amount of pages done.
So chances are I will run out of back-up pages and the site will end up
going Limbo for a while before I can get Jolteon in to do his parts...

I have gotten myself aquainted with Law of Talos and the wonderful
animated flashes by a certain DA user...and from what I have seen
I might start another comic idea from it (Just ideas don't worry I'm not going crazy and doing more than one comic at a time) I will stick the idea into a back-log and work through them eventually!