June 21st, 2010, 1:36 pm


PmdL | Update 13


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So OH HAI guys, haven't posted a news column in a while.
if you have been reading this comic whilst in the daily spree
then yes you may have noticed
T_T I misjudged the amount of backlog pages I had and am now
trying furiously to get more pages ready for BlueJolteon to add to.

The next page will be used to contribute to the extra page
"PmdL Guide" So take a look once the new page is up because I should
have finished up there as-well.
On the down-side, the next 'Daily Update Spree'* Will be post-poned
for a little bit more than usual because I am performing consistency
exercises on all the characters which involves drawing them
in different positions, since it has been brought to my
attention that I draw my comics in Profile view.....all the time T_T
So I need to spend more time drawing different poses, especially
ones that allow viewing of more than one eye, so yea
I might then use those consistency profiles for extra's on the character

Anyway keep watching Happy Fans make a Happy Creator
From Mugen and BlueJ

*'Daily Update Spree' = Because of the situation me and BlueJ are in
(Situation being we do not live together) it can be quite hard to
get regular pages done, so I mass produce the pages leaving
BlueJ's boxes/Sections blank for him to draw in, that way when we meet
up next he can just work through and draw in the parts required
and then I scan all the completed pages, then post them daily.
The pages I have left are what I call my 'Back-log' when that runs out
the spree will end unless within the spree I managed to update my
back-log with extra pages.
In the end the distance between each spree depends on BlueJ's freedom.
However, I have decided (and will pass it by BlueJ soon) that if
a spree ends and there is no way of getting together, when the site
hits: last update '2 weeks ago' I will finish 3 Pages maximum, which includes drawing in BlueJ's parts and post them up over a 3 day period.
Then repeat the process, until I can get an arrangement sorted with
BlueJ (This might occur later on when the summer holiday ends and
we go to different college's)...