June 28th, 2010, 12:57 pm


PmdL | Update 14


HEH, an important update here!
As some of you may ... kind of know, I had 4 main parts that come together
to make Pokemon - MD - Link
And these parts followed the basics of each PMD game (Oh course these are the VERY basic parts as the main story is completely different)
They were named
REboot = PMD 1
REplay = PMD 2 Before credit story
REwind = Completely original, story between PMD 2's before and after credit stories
REdo = PMD 2 After credit story

I have created the final part to this now 5 part story, an epic climax to Shino's journey. What happens? Well I can't exactly tell you that yet, all I can say is its completely original and will hopefully tie in multiple plot holes that I hope to leave throughout the story.

The 5th instalment of PmdL is named:
REcreate, these RE's sound silly right now of course but each one symbolises the overall story of the particular part that are labelled.
You can probably guess REboot's already if you have been reading from page one...
Another thing to add.
I am going to try and shorten main parts to keep the story moving, nothing of amazing importance will be kept (such as aimless exploration, only a few will be included to show that the story has progressed slightly). And also each chapter produced I will hopefully change my art style so I can vary my experience creating and hopefully change but not ruin your reading experience...
Final update (I promise)
Just to note, in the latest pages (34 and 35) The Marowak shown IS NOT
Daisuke, but another Marowak (I just used Marowak to try and confuse
and make readers jump to conclusions hehe I am twisting this XD)